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22 Juli 2011

Students from Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas Universities in MAN Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo, Wednesday 20th 2011
Students of Colorado, Oklahoma and Arkansas Universities, United State of America ( USA ) came to visit The State Islamic High School MAN Sidoarjo for The Cross Cultural Understanding ( CCU ) Programs on Wednesday July 20th 2011.
The CCU program is used to share, to understand and to learn the diversity between the two different cultures – Islamic Javanese Culture especially, and the USA Culture. After the cultural exchange at school, the CCU students who came to this school said that they will introduce the distinctive culture of the country later and promote it in the U.S. and introduce to colleagues and local communities.

The CCU students who came to school were four students, one student from Colorado University named Danny, two students from Oklahoma University named Andrew and Shiao Pei, and one student from Arkansas University named Caleb.
During the CCU programs, the cultural exchanged students came to see the classes and have chats with the students of the State Islamic Senior High School ( MAN Sidoarjo ), and at the recess time, the cultural exchanged students also got together to feel how to be at the School Canteen with the whole students. This Cultural Exchanged Program has been scheduled to be the annual program of the school since the school became the International Standard School

Some of the culture values shared by the exchanged students are the students in USA after graduating from high school, they will live away from their parents and they have also already started to get a part time job while studying in high school. The exchanged students also have a great impression as the people in Indonesia are very friendly, it is far different from the people living there who are more individualistic.

The CCU program was held in one day long started from 7.30 am to 3 pm. The whole community of the State Islamic High School MAN Sidoarjo is very excited and grateful to have the CCU program especially when the exchanged students were eagerly wearing Batik before the whole teachers in the office and having friendly cultural understanding chats with the students in the classes. ( Mr. A / MANSDA )